Kubernetes Connectivity with VMware: Our Story of Success

Tech aficionados, such as ourselves, know that VMware is one of the most famous names of the digital transformation industry. So, naturally, not only were we ecstatic at the thought of working with their seasoned team of professionals, but we also decided to document aspects of our partnership in order to provide a few insights into one of our essential experiences as an outsourcing provider.

In their own words, VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers, and empower employees to do their best work. With software that spans fields such as cloud computing, virtualization, networking, security and digital workspace, VMware prides itself in its ability to run, manage, connect and protect apps in any cloud environment, enabling efficiency and innovation for their customers.

As for our part, we contributed to the development of a VMware technology that connects and protects applications across Kubernetes clusters and clouds, in a collaboration that lasted a little over a year.

Our reputation for qualitative UI services preceded us, so we were given ownership over frontend development and UX. After a quick layover with VMware leadership, we started analyzing possible architectures that could match their expectations. A key aspect which we were mindful of was scalability, as we wanted to ensure that the app could grow into a globally used product.

We worked in Angular 5.0 — so as to accommodate VMware’s Clarity components platform — and TypeScript, which we coupled with NgRx Store and Redux for state management, and D3 for its ability to display large data sets into accessible, complex charts.

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Front-End Technical Lead